Allergies in Dogs Treatment & Symptoms

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Welcome to Allergies in Dogs Help

Allergies not only affect humans, but dogs as well. Just as in humans, allergies in dogs can be annoying and even painful to deal with. There are five known types of allergies that affect dogs everyday, including dog food allergies. It is important to determine the different symptoms for each allergy to diagnose your dog and provide him with proper treatment. There are many different symptoms you can watch for to help identify your dog’s allergy and treat it immediately.

Some allergies are seasonal and can be treated with simple antibiotics. Others can lead to serious and recurring infections such as dog ear infections and skin disease.

Our Mission

From flea allergies to skin allergies, our mission is to provide you with knowledge to properly diagnose and treat your dog. Even if the allergy is minor, it is important to get proper treatment immediately to avoid infection and sickness. Each allergy has both common and unique symptoms, and we provide an in depth look at each allergy to best determine your dog’s needs.

Once the allergy is detected, it can be as easy to resolve as removing it from your dog’s day to day activities. However, some allergies are not as easy to determine as others. We provide information regarding not only common symptoms, but unique to the allergy symptoms as well. Every dog owner wants a happy and healthy friend. We are here to provide insight on how to correctly diagnose and work with your veterinarian to properly treat your dog’s allergy.