Arthritis in Dogs Symptoms & Treatment

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Welcome to Arthritis in Dogs Resource

Arthritis not only affects humans, but our dogs as well. The number one difference between canine arthritis and human arthritis, is that a dog cannot tell us what is wrong. He cannot describe the pain he feels when he tries to walk up the stairs or jump up on the couch. As a pet owner, it is our responsibility to look for possible symptoms of dog arthritis, especially as our furry friends age.

A dog is a loyal companion and loves to play and learn new things. When a dog gets to the senior age, he can no longer run and explore as he used to. We believe it is a dog owner’s job to make sure your dog’s senior years are as comfortable, happy and healthy as possible. Canine arthritis is the number one cause of severe pain in elderly dogs. Knowing what to look for when dealing with arthritis in dogs may save him a lot of pain and suffering.

Our Mission

From diagnosing symptoms to tips for dealing with arthritis in the home, we provide you with extensive knowledge on how to deal with dog arthritis. We discuss different treatments and even natural supplements to give your dog to help ease the pain and tension in his joints.

Our mission is to provide readers with the best information on keeping their dog’s arthritis at bay. We believe dedication and correct procedures are key in treating arthritis in dogs. We understand that it can be very painful not only for the dog, but for the dog owner as well. We are your #1 resource on creating a healthy and comfortable balance between you and your arthritic dog.