Canine Distemper Symptoms & Treatment

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Welcome to Canine Distemper Help

Canine distemper virus, also known as Carre’s disease or hard pad disease (because of the effect it has on the nose and paws) is a highly contagious, extremely severe disease that affects unvaccinated puppies and dogs. Dogs with a weaker immune system are also known to be at a higher risk. Distemper in dogs used to be one of the most deadly diseases prior to the vaccination.

Now, distemper is still active and can still be contracted very easily. Canine distemper virus is known as a multi-systemic virus, which means it will attack multiple areas of your dog’s body. The first area to be affected is usually the respiratory system. This causes trouble breathing, runny eyes and discharge from the nose. From there, your dog’s gastrointestinal system will become compromised. This may cause vomiting and diarrhea. If that weren’t enough, distemper in dogs can even affect the nervous system, resulting in seizures and paralysis.

Distemper in dogs should never be ignored. Unfortunately, there is no one cure for canine distemper virus, but it can be treated if it is caught early on. Often times, a dog has about a 50/50 chance of survival. However, if a puppy becomes infected with canine distemper virus, it can be a very low survival rate. Fortunately for dog lovers, there is a way to prevent this serious disease. The canine distemper virus vaccination is almost 100% effective in preventing distemper in dogs. Even still, your dog may contract this disease. It is important to understand how to sanitize your home and yard and what to look for in order to treat distemper in dogs.

Our Mission

From a list of possible symptoms of canine distemper virus, to possible treatment methods, we are your #1 resource for all things to do with distemper in dogs. Canine distemper should never be taken lightly. If you spot any odd changes in your dog such as discharge from the eyes and nose or strange coughing sounds, these could be signs of canine distemper virus. Our mission is to provide readers with the best information regarding distemper in dogs and hopefully save a canine life.

We provide information on the canine distemper vaccine, and how it works to help prevent distemper in dogs. We also provide information on how to keep your house and yard clean of the distemper virus, and how to protect other dogs in the house from contracting it as well. It is important to understand the effects of canine distemper virus and what you can do to prevent this disease at all costs.