Dog Debarking Surgery

Debarking Your Dog

Debarking is a very drastic measure in stopping your dog from barking. Debarking is also known as vocal cordectomy, surgical debarking or devocalization. It is a surgical procedure in which the dog’s vocal cords are cut or removed. This procedure is done under anesthesia either through the mouth, or through an incision in the neck.

Something to note is that this procedure does not completely silence your dog. The noise will be more of a hoarse whisper than a bark, and he may still be able to howl, whine or growl.

This procedure is quite controversial, and there are many benefits and risks involved before committing to the procedure.

Benefits of Debarking

When a dog’s barking has become a problem, and no training methods seem to work, debarking surgery may be the last step.

There are some benefits of the debarking procedure.

  • Your dog will be able to bark as much as he wants. Barking is a natural behavior, and although he won’t be loud anymore, he will still be able to communicate freely.
  • Excessive training or use of stop barking devices such as shock collars may make your dog depressed or anxious. The relationship between you and your dog may become weak. Not having to constantly punish your dog for barking may make your relationship much happier.
  • Your dog will be able to stay outdoors without annoying neighbors. Your dog will be able to stay outside and not disturb anyone.
  • Some people consider debarking a way to save a dog’s life. If a dog’s consistent barking creates a problem for your household, neighbors or landlord, and training does not work, some owners simply choose to send the dog to a shelter or pound. This may eventually lead to euthanasia.

Risks of Debarking

Understanding the risks of a debarking surgery is very important before committing to the procedure. Not only is debarking a very controversial topic, but there are very serious risks to consider.

  • As with any surgery, there may be complications. These include infection, pain, allergy or reaction to anesthesia.
  • Scar tissue may develop over time and more surgeries may be required to remove it.
  • If there is an intruder near your home, your dog will no longer be able to warn you and ward him off.
  • The surgery is considered to be inhumane and cruel. No dog owner wants to see their dog suffering or in pain.
  • Further health risks may occur down the road. It is important to properly research this procedure and talk to your veterinarian prior to committing to the debarking surgery.
  • Sometimes the procedure does not work the first time. This means you may have to repeat the surgery, which means more use of anesthesia.

Cost of Dog Debarking Surgery

Dog Debarking is a very invasive surgery that costs anywhere from $50 to $600. If you believe debarking is right for your dog, talk to your veterinarian for further information about this procedure.