Dogs and Chocolate

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Welcome to Dogs and Chocolate Help

Chocolate is a sweet treat that many people enjoy. Many pet owners would love to share their chocolate bars with their dogs. However, as much as your dog may enjoy the chocolate bar, it is a serious risk to his health. Children and busy households filled with guests may drop some chocolate onto the floor and right away your dog has eaten it up. Although it may seem harmless at first, in a few short hours, your dog will likely show signs of chocolate poisoning.

Even just a small amount of chocolate may be dangerous to your dog. This depends on the weight and breed, and what kind of chocolate your dog consumed. Different types of chocolate have different levels of danger to your dog. Chocolate poisoning may lead to hyperactivity, muscle spasms, seizures and even cardiac arrest.

If you suspect your dog may have consumed chocolate, always consult your veterinarian, or call animal poison control. They will be able to help you treat your dog as effectively as possible. Never try to treat your dog’s case of chocolate poisoning at home.

Our Mission

From diagnosing mild, severe and extreme symptoms of chocolate poisoning, to tips on what to do in an emergency situation, we are your #1 resource for dogs eating chocolate. We provide readers with the best information regarding your dog’s case of chocolate poisoning. We discuss why chocolate is actually bad for dogs, as well as what it may do to your dog’s system.

Sometimes a case of chocolate poisoning may not be avoided. Accidents happen, or a child may try to share her treat with her best friend. We provide a list of treatment options as well as information about how much and what kind of chocolate is toxic to your dog. We are your #1 resource for dealing with dogs eating chocolate to be able to deal with the situation as quickly and as effectively as possible.