Ear Mites in Dogs

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Help with Ear Mites in Dogs

Is your dog constantly pawing at his ears and shaking his head? It could be because of tiny, eight-legged parasites making a home inside his ear canal. Ear mites in dogs feed on ear wax and other oils produced inside the ear. Once ear mites have infected your dog, the body will produce more ear wax to try and flush the mites out, which is only beneficial for these little parasites. When it comes to dealing with dog ear mites, it is very important to know what to look for and how to properly treat your dog’s case of ear mites.

Ear mites in dogs have a lifespan of about 3 weeks, but new eggs actually hatch every four days, meaning that your dog’s ear mite infestation could last weeks to months if left untreated. If dog ear mites continue to go untreated, they could lead to serious problems. Although ear mites in dogs do not feed on the blood of their host like dog fleas, they can cause the ear to permanently close, which requires surgery to fix, ruptured ear drums and many secondary bacterial infections.

Our Mission

If you suspect your dog may have ear mites, you have come to the right place. We are your #1 resource for everything to do with ear mites in dogs. From diagnosing common and uncommon dog ear mite symptoms, to a list of different possible treatment options and home remedies available to cure dog ear mites. We also discuss the difference between dog ear infections and dog ear mites, and how to determine which may be affecting your dog.

Not only do we discuss everything to do with ear mites in dogs, but we provide information about mites on humans. If you are concerned about whether your dog’s ear mites may affect children, other animals, and people in the house, visit our mites on humans page to learn more. We explain what a zoonotic disease is, and how ear mites are related to this disease. Ear mites in dogs are not something that go away on their own, so it is important to fully understand ear mites and how to diagnose them in order to seek proper treatment for your dog to ensure proper health and happiness.