Mites on Humans

Can Mites Affect Humans?

Although ear mites on humans is not a common problem, you should always take extra care when dealing with a dog with ear mites. Always wash your hands after handling an infected dog as well as after cleaning his blankets, bedding etc. Babies and small children should be kept away from dogs with ear mites during the treatment process as well. A pregnant woman or an elderly person should also keep away from dogs with ear mites because their immune systems are compromised.

Ear mites generally stick to infecting dogs, cats or other animals. Sometimes, however, ear mites will affect humans. They will not live on humans, but they will bite human skin, which may cause a rash. Mites on humans is called a zoonotic disease. Although it is possible for humans to catch dog ear mites, it is not as likely as a human catching mites from canine mange.

Zoonotic Disease (Mites on Humans)

A zoonotic disease is also known as zoonosis. This is medically described as a disease an animal carries that may be transferred to a human under natural conditions. The person who is most at risk for catching a zoonotic disease is the primary caretaker of the infected animal. Other factors that may cause zoonotic disease (mites on humans) include:

  • Poor overall hygiene
  • Weak immune systems
  • Hands in mouth, eyes and nose without washing
  • Pregnant women
  • Elderly folk
  • Veterinarians

Some other zoonotic diseases along with mites on humans includes rabies, ringworm, fleas and ticks.

Mites on Humans – Things to Keep in Mind

If you happen to catch dog ear mites, you will likely have little bite marks on the skin, mostly on the hands, around the hair line or around the ankles. This can easily be treated with creams prescribed by your doctor. If you are concerned about catching mites from your dog, talk to your veterinarian.

Other animals in the home are more at risk for catching ear mites from a dog rather than humans. Keep any animals away from a dog with ear mites while they undergo treatment. If you suspect the other animal may have caught ear mites, take them to the veterinarian for diagnosis and treatment if needed. Mites on humans is not common or normally a serious condition, but it’s good to be aware of the simple ways to prevent it.