Kidney Disease & Kidney Failure in Dogs

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Welcome to Kidney Failure in Dogs Help

Your dog’s kidneys play an important role in his overall health. The kidneys are useful for depleting waste in your dog’s system, regulating blood levels and even help with digestion and metabolism. When kidney failure in dogs strikes, the kidneys become very vulnerable and may stop functioning properly. When this occurs, your dog can be in a lot of pain. Some symptoms of kidney failure in dogs include increased water consumption, increased urination, foul breath and weakness. It can be very upsetting to see your dog in pain, and kidney failure in dogs is not an easy disease to cure. Unfortunately, chronic kidney failure in dogs is often very painful and progressive.

It is very important to determine the cause of kidney failure in dogs. This can be very beneficial for treatment purposes, and to determine if your dog has chronic kidney failure or acute kidney failure. Kidney disease in dogs should not be taken lightly. As soon as you notice a change in your dog’s behavior, you need to bring him to the veterinarian. This is especially important if your dog has a history of disease that may lead to kidney failure in dogs, or if any of the symptoms of kidney disease in dogs are present. Immediate treatment for kidney disease in dogs may very well help your dog in the long run and prevent a lot of pain.

Our Mission

From a list of possible causes of kidney failure in dogs, to a complete list of symptoms, we are your #1 resource for all things to do with kidney disease. Kidney failure in dogs can become very serious and may be a progressive disease or spring out of nowhere. Kidney disease in dogs requires immediate attention and a change of lifestyle. We discuss the different methods of treatment for kidney failure in dogs and which may be best for your dog’s particular case. Our mission is to provide readers with the best information about kidney failure in dogs in order to prevent them a lot of pain and severe symptoms.

We provide readers with information as to how your dog may have contracted kidney disease, and how to possibly prevent kidney failure in dogs. Although we cannot always protect our dogs from illness or trauma, there are many ways we can help to prevent kidney disease by being responsible with poisons, keeping up with regular vet check-ups and preventing accidents by keeping our dogs on leashes and in the yard. Kidney failure in dogs may not always be preventable, but it can be managed with the right knowledge and fast treatment.