Liver Disease in Dogs

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Welcome to Liver Disease in Dogs Help

Your dog’s liver is able to function until 80% of its cells become too damaged to process anything further. This is known as liver disease in dogs. Canine liver disease is a very serious illness that requires immediate medical attention by a veterinarian. Because of your dog’s powerful function, symptoms of liver failure in dogs may not appear until the infection is quite serious. The most important part of treating liver disease in dogs is to first determine the cause. There are many illnesses and infections that could cause liver failure in dogs, from bacterial illnesses, to heatstroke, to heart worms. Your veterinarian will be able to diagnose liver disease in dogs by a physical exam, examining symptoms and a few blood tests. Once the cause is diagnosed, treatment can begin.

Liver disease in dogs should never go ignored. As this disease continues to deteriorate the liver, symptoms will be more frequent and more severe. Liver failure in dogs will cause the liver to become firm and rubbery, which may lead to serious illnesses and infections of other organs in the body. Some illnesses may not be reversible, therefore it is important to start treatment if you know your dog could have canine liver disease, or if any symptoms are present. When in doubt, always talk to your veterinarian. Liver disease in dogs may be serious, but often times, it can be treated with the right medications, diet change and therapy.

Our Mission

From a list of possible causes of liver disease in dogs, to any and all symptoms that may appear, we are your #1 resource for all things to do with canine liver disease. Liver failure in dogs is a very serious condition, and there are many things to know and understand about this disease. We provide readers with the best information regarding different causes of liver disease in dogs, as well as how to identify this disease in order to seek the best treatment possible for a full recovery.

Liver disease in dogs should never be ignored. We provide readers about information about how the liver works, and how important this organ is in your dog’s everyday activities. When the liver becomes compromised, it can be very painful for your dog and very dangerous for his body. Leaving liver disease in dogs for too long may cause permanent damage to the liver, damage to surrounding organs, and even death. Learn more about liver disease in dogs and how to recognize it in order to provide your dog with the best treatment and therapy possible.